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Learning more about eligibility for

The Wetlands Reserve Program

When you own a property that has the potential to be restored in order to protect and enhance natural wetlands, you might consider utilizing The Wetlands Reserve Program (WRP). Kenneth Butler Construction Company LLC is proud to offer you dependable services to develop your wetland property.

Qualifying WRP lands

Increasing land functionality

 • Farmed wetlands

 • Converted croplands

 • Wetland pastures

 • Flooded lands with the potential to be converted

 • Rangelands, pastures, or forests

 • Adjacent lands

To help you protect your wetland, the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service financially supports the operation of WRP. The NRCS seeks to improve overall functions of your wetland.


When you participate in this program, you're helping to increase the lifespan of wildlife that depends upon high-functioning wetlands. Call today for details on eligible properties, and how we can help you.

Our locally owned and operated business is dedicated to helping you preserve your land.

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